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Bookworm Game


The game of reading and remembering

Produced in association with the Bodleian Library, Bookworm is a delightful family game incorporating excerpts from over 100 classic children’s books.

Tabula Game


The Roman Game

Believed to be the forerunner of Backgammon, Tabula was widely played throughout the Roman Empire from the beginning of the 1st Century A.D.

Playing Shakespeare Game

Playing Shakespeare

The game of Shakespearean Charades

By combining the popular appeal of charades with the timeless magic of Shakespeare’s language, Playing Shakespeare is lively, witty and enormously good fun.

The Hieroglyphs Game

The Hieroglyphs Game

Created for Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Involving both skill and chance, The Hieroglyphs Game is an entertaining introduction to one of the oldest and most beautiful of written languages.

The Game of Garden Maze

The Game of Garden Maze

An eighteenth century entertainment

Requiring cunning and a little luck, this intriguing and original game is played on a beautifully illustrated board depicting an eighteenth century garden maze.