The Ingenious game of Juggling Words

Angram Game

First published in 1991, Anagram has become the word game enthusiast’s favourite game.

Loosely based on the Victorian game of Word Making, Word Taking, Anagram is a superb word game, exciting and challenging to play.

Players compete to collect as many words a possible, either by using new letters as they are revealed or by spotting Anagrams and poaching their opponents’ words.

Play is fast and furious and fortunes can change right up to the end


Reviews & Comments

'Anagram is a game for quick and steady thinkers and it's a good job the game is short enough to prevent meltdown of grey cells.'

'For those who love anagrams, word games such as Scrabble, or can do the odd crossword, this game will be ideal. It is nicely produced,  and has plenty of play value. The rules are instinctive and it really tests the brain. This is a cracking little game.'

'I am also impressed by the distribution of letters that seems to be spot on.'


Extracts from a review by Mike Siggens in The Play Cabinet


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